Navy Seizes 3,300 Kg Of Meth, Charas In Major Drug Bust Near Gujarat Port

The ship’s five crew, all Pakistani nationals, have been arrested.

In a joint operation, the Indian Navy and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Tuesday seized around 3,300 kg of drugs from a ship near Gujarat’s Porbandar, making it the biggest such drug seizure in recent times, the Navy said.

On Tuesday, a small ship was intercepted by the Navy and over 3089 kg of charas, 158 kg of methamphetamine and 25 kg of morphine was recovered. The ship’s five crew, all Pakistani nationals, have been arrested.

“The seizure of drugs from the dhow, which is by far the largest in terms of quantity, was possible through the collaborative efforts of the Indian Navy’s mission-deployed assets with the NCB. The contraband along with the apprehended boat and crew have been handed over to the Law Enforcement Agencies at an Indian port,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.

Indian Navy said a suspicious dhow (sailing vessel) was spotted at sea near Porbandar by a surveillance aircraft after which a ship was diverted to intercept the vessel believed to be engaged in drug smuggling.

“Based on the input of P8I LRMR aircraft on surveillance mission, IN mission-deployed ship was diverted to intercept the suspicious dhow engaged in contraband smuggling,” the Navy said.

The massive drug bust comes a week after a staggering 1,100 kilograms of the mephedrone, also known by its street name ‘Meow Meow’, worth ₹ 2,500 crore was seized in two-day raids across Pune and New Delhi.

While 700 kg of mephedrone was seized in Pune and another 400 kg of the banned drug was found in Delhi.


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