The idolised American rapper Kanye West, aka Ye, has churned numerous beefs with fellow living pop icons of his age due to his long-running controversial interjections from time to time. However, this time, instead of renewing his old squabbles with fairly familiar renowned artists, the Carnival songwriter almost walked away from signing an autograph for a fan when he didn’t vibe with what the youngster was holding in her hand.

It seems like Kanye West's 'got beef with bunny pens'. A new video that has gone viral shows his latest fan interaction at the Paris Fashion Week 2024.(X)
It seems like Kanye West’s ‘got beef with bunny pens’. A new video that has gone viral shows his latest fan interaction at the Paris Fashion Week 2024.(X)

Stepping out in his black-clad attire for the Paris Fashion Week 2024, Ye took the time to interact with his fans and pose with them for personalised snaps. Among the lot was a young girl who asked him to leave an autograph for her on a little notepad.

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While this may seem like a normal response that would stir up in a fan’s heart for their favourite artist, her pen choice caught the Yeezy co-inventor off guard.

Kanye West refused an autograph because….

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Sporting his titanium grills, Kanye asked if the girl had a pen. When she handed him a small bunny-shaped pen, he reiterated the question: “Is that a pen?”

“Y’all gonna make me hold a bunny pen?,” asked the Vultures‘ album creator on seeing the pink and white pen. Looks like he has no affinity for cutesy stationery.

Refusing to hold the pen, he laughed off the situation and asked the crowd for another pen. It being a lucky day for the young girl, someone finally came to her rescue and produced a standard pen that sat well with the singer. The young fan finally got her autograph regardless of how her stationery choices may have been snubbed in the process.

The video went viral on TikTok, and even X (formerly Twitter) users shared it on the social media platform. A Twitterati tweeted: “Bro really got beef with bunny pens 😂😂,” while others tried their best to figure out what was wrong with a bunny pen.

To answer that question, another user replied: “he’s not trying to be a meme. i get it”. On the contrary, another user dug into a more capitalistic analysis of the unravelling moment: “… maybe he thought the pen could be a new product worth money and this was a way of getting him to “advertise” for them for free. It’s kind of a compliment when you look at it like that if that is the case and the girl is trying to sell pens.”


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