Gujarat Titans’ young player Robin Minz was involved in a bike accident on March 2 and the 21-year-old wicketkeeper has had a narrow escape.

Minz was one of the young guns who was bought for big money during the IPL 2024 auction last year and was expected to link-up with the GT squad soon.

News had emerged on Sunday that the young wicketkeeper was under observation after the incident.

However, speaking to Aaj Tak/India Today, Robin’s father, Francis Minz, said that the wicketkeeper is perfectly alright.

“Yesterday when he was on his way back home, his bike skidded and Robin had a narrow escape. Bike is bit damaged but Robin is alright,” said Robin’s father.

Robin was driving his Kawasaki Ninja superbike when the incident happened.

How was Robin Minz a star attraction in IPL 2024 auction?

In December 2023, during the IPL auction, Robin Minz’s life changed forever. With a base price of just Rs. 20 lakhs, he became the subject of a fierce bidding war between Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and ultimately, Gujarat Titans, who bought him, paying 18 times more than the base price.

This also made him the first tribal man to play in the IPL since its inception.

GT ended up winning the war after paying 3.6 crore rupees for the 21-year-old. Recently, Robin’s new skipper, Shubman Gill had met with his father, Francis Xavier Minz, at the Bisra Munda Airport in Ranchi.

Gill had said that he was looking forward to working alongside Robin in the IPL.

“Honoured to meet Robin Minz’s father. Your journey and hard work have been inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you in the IPL,” Shubman Gill wrote in his Instagram story.

Robin’s cricketing journey began unconventionally when his father, noticing his son’s interest, crafted a bat out of wood for him. Despite facing financial hardships, Francis ensured that Robin had the necessary gear to pursue his passion, even if it meant borrowing money or sacrificing essential needs.

The family’s sacrifices paid off when Robin, known affectionately as “Ranchi ka Gayle” for his aggressive batting style, caught the attention of the cricketing world.

Gujarat Titans will face Mumbai Indians in their first match of the IPL 2024 on March 24.

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Mar 3, 2024


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