World Compliment Day 2024: Complimenting someone and appreciating for who they are is one of the best ways to spread positivity and boost morale of a person. Knowing that we have the power to make someone’s day better has its own perks. Appreciating people and being generally kind can make the world a better place. The power of positivity and love is immense, and it is about time that we combat all the negativity around us with a whole lot of love and optimism. World Compliment Day is celebrated with the intention of spreading positivity and ensuring that people around us smile and be happy.

World Compliment Day s dedicated to creating a world filled with positivity and love. (Unsplash)

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Why do we celebrate this day?

Every year, World Compliment Day is celebrated on March 1. The best way to start the month of March is by complimenting someone and appreciating them for who they are. Be it writing a detailed note for the way they look, or the way they make us feel, to sending them compliments and flowers to let them know that they make the world a better place – a small compliment can go a long way to make someone’s day extra special and valuable.

In 2019, Hans Poortvliet from the Netherlands started the initiative of making a worldwide holiday dedicated to positivity and happiness. He spread awareness of the importance of creating a world where everyone can positively influence others and make their lives happier and better.

A compliment can boost a person’s morals. Self-esteem and self-confidence. It can make them feel better about themselves and urge them to love themselves more. World Compliment Day can be celebrated by making a call to a friend and letting them know how they make us feel or going and hugging a family member and thanking them for being there for us. We can also show random acts of kindness by complimenting a stranger on the street and making their day better. This day is dedicated to creating a world filled with positivity and love.

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