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Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover were famed for their on-screen camaraderie, but the two had a memorable dispute on a flight, and things swiftly broke apart. So when it was reported that the two would be collaborating again for a new project, it piqued the interest of their long-time admirers. The two actors did not work together for six years, but in a recent interview, Sunil disclosed that they remained in touch and even met a few times.
In a conversation with Lallantop Cinema, Sunil was questioned if there was any “awkwardness” between the two because they met after a long time for the upcoming show. Sunil responded that wasn’t the case. He mentioned, “We would talk sometimes. It’s not like we never spoke, we were in touch with each other. We met also,” he said. Though he did not go into the details of their patch-up, Sunil said, “Such things happen sometimes.”
When Sunil was further asked about his patch-up with Kapil Sharma, he shared with a straight face, “This was a publicity stunt for six years for this show.”
Sunil also opens up about his health, “For the first few days I was thanking god for giving my life back to me. However, after a few days, I was back to normal. Everything is back to how it was. It isn’t that someone who is taking care of their health wouldn’t fall ill ever or have any such scare. I don’t think much about it but I do take care of myself like I used to.”

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In 2017, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover got into a fight on their journey from Australia to India. Kapil was reported to have been under the influence during the altercation and hit Sunil. Soon after, Sunil parted ways with Kapil and left The Kapil Sharma Show. They will now appear together on the Great Indian Kapil Show.


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