Washington DC: US President Joe Biden will win the Democratic primary in Arkansas and Massachusetts, CNN has projected. With these projections, Biden is moving closer to clinching the Democratic 2024 presidential nod.
As many as 31 delegates were at stake in the primary at Arkansa, which was part of Biden’s big Super Tuesday in 2020, when he secured a win in the state by 18 percentage points and took a big step towards winning the Democratic nomination.There were 92 pledged delegates at stake in Massachusetts on Tuesday.
Biden will also win Maine’s Democratic primary, CNN has projected, as he closes in on a general election race with former US President Donald Trump. As many as 24 pledged delegates are at stake in Maine.
Biden will win the Tennessee Democratic primary, CNN has projected. There were 63 delegates at stake in the primary on Tuesday.
CNN also projected a win for Biden at the Oklahoma Democratic primary. As many as 36 pledged delegates were at stake in Oklahoma on Tuesday.
Biden is also projected to win the Democratic primary in Virginia, Vermont and North Carolina, as per CNN. There were 16 pledged delegates at stake in the Vermont Democratic primary.
As many as 116 pledged delegates were at stake in North Carolina, while there were 99 pledged delegates at stake in the contest in the Virginia Democratic primary.
The results of the Democratic primary in various states of the US trickled in as millions of Americans voted on Super Tuesday, one of the most significant days in the US presidential primaries. The result of the contest is expected to solidify both Donald Trump and Joe Biden as their respective party’s nominees for the general election in November.
Biden has won the Iowa Democratic presidential caucus, CBS News reported, citing the announcement of Iowa Democratic Party. Iowa is among the states where results are begging to emerge in on Super Tuesday, with Biden moving towards an easy win in the Hawkeye State.
Super Tuesday, is notably when the largest number of states hold presidential primaries or caucuses. According to CBS News, 15 states held GOP contests on Super Tuesday. Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia are holding primaries. Two states, Alaska and Utah, are holding caucuses.
Eleven of the 15 states are holding GOP primaries that are open to more than just registered Republicans. Moreover, Super Tuesday gets its name from the fact that there are more delegates up for grabs than on any other day in the primary campaign.


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