Triptii Dimri, who became an overnight star with Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal, had found her at the receiving end of criticism following her portrayal of Zoya Riaz involved in a honeytrap subplot in the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial. Despite the backlash, Triptii remained unperturbed as she has received praise for her performance so far.
She recently addressed the criticism surrounding her decision to take on the role since people questioned why an actor who has outperformed her roles in films like Bulbbul and Qala needed to drop her clothes in a men-and guns movie to get ahead.
Responding to this, Triptii told Vogue India that she knows her reasons for doing the film. She mentioned that the director had clearly told her that it was going to be a small role but Triptii found the character of Zoya interesting. She then added actors can’t succumb to audience expectations, stating that actors need to follow their instincts to do what they have to do.

Triptii Dimri reflects on ‘Animal’ success in candid conversation: ‘It was unexpected but…’

“I want to choose roles that push me out of my comfort zone. There’s a lot of advice on offer and I listen to it all, but it comes down to instinct. I might make mistakes along the way, but I’m allowed to,” Triptii said.

The actress further said that she draws strength from her family that keeps her grounded and recalled her upbringing in the Air India Colony in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar. She said that convincing her parents of her career aspirations in modelling was itself a challenge and persuading them that she was serious about a career in the movies was entirely different.
Speaking about her family’s reaction to her intimate scenes with Ranbir in Animal, Triptii said, “My parents were completely rattled when they saw it. We had to have a long discussion on why that scene was crucial.” However, she knows that they are proud of her.

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