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The latest episode of shark Tank India had an AI based company’s founder Srijan come up on the show for the campus special episode and talk about his business. His business offered companies, AI models where they can present their products. He mentioned that he is doing it at a 90% lower cost and that is his USP. He further opened up about his education and revealed that his ask is of 25 lakhs for 10% equity in the company.The valuation of his company was stated at 4 crores.
He mentioned how he is the only person doing this business in the country and has only one competitor worldwide. He further showed samples of his models and how it works. Aman, Amit and others asked a number of questions to Srijan about his unit-economics, scalability and more. The pitcher explained how he is an AI engineer and was always interested to build something out of it.
Later, Aman asked him the reason behind starting the company. While talking about the same, he got emotional and revealed that he shared a great bond with his grandfather. However, things went bad between them a few years back and he passed in 2021. However, the last thing that he told him was, ‘to be a job-giver.” He said, “My dada told me that we can change our clothes, our lifestyle with job but not impact the lives of others and that’s why business is important.”
Aman revealed that he also shares a very close bond with his grandfather and hence can understand excatly what he’s saying. He then requested Srijan to calm down.

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The episode went ahead with Anupam, Amit and Ritesh coming together and offering him 25 lakhs for 10% ownership in company. Srijan was quite happy with the offer and accepted it. He thanked everyone for the same.


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