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NEW DELHI: Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Saturday has announced plans to manufacture 1,000 new-generation Amrit Bharat trains in the coming years. These trains will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 250 kmph. In an exclusive interview with PTI Videos, Vaishnaw also revealed that the Railways has already begun working on exporting Vande Bharat trains, with the first export expected within the next five years.
During the interview, Vaishnaw highlighted some of the significant technological advancements made by the Railways over the past decade under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. These include the construction of the world’s highest railway bridge, the Chenab bridge, and the first underwater tunnel for the Kolkata metro.
Vaishnaw emphasised the social obligation of the railways, stating that they transport approximately 700 crore people annually, with 2.5 crore passengers travelling daily. He explained that the fare structure is designed to provide affordability, with a 55% discount offered on average. The newly designed Amrit Bharat train, for example, offers 1,000 km of travel for just Rs 454.
The Vande Bharat train, known for its popularity among youths, will also see significant expansion. Vaishnaw announced plans to manufacture 400 to 500 of these trains in the coming years, with one train being inducted into the fleet almost every week.
These ambitious plans demonstrate India’s commitment to modernizing its rail infrastructure and providing affordable and efficient transportation options for its citizens.
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