A man has accused an Ola cab driver of slapping him in front of his 6-year-old son. The man, Kiran Verma, detailed the distressing encounter in a LinkedIn post on March 1.

In the post, Kiran said that the incident occurred last month in Delhi when he and his son booked an Ola cab to pick someone up from the airport. According to Kiran, the driver insisted on cancelling the ride and paying in cash, leading to a confrontation.

The situation escalated when the driver allegedly took an entirely different route, claiming there was a traffic jam.

Kiran recounted, “We haven’t even gone a kilometre when he stops the car and asks me to pay extra or else pay whatever comes in that ride.”

“Since the guy started shouting without any reason, my 6 year-old-son got scared and asked me to leave the car,” he added.

Kiran, concerned for his son’s safety, dialled the Ola helpline and the police. Thereafter, Kiran and his son stood outside the cab when the situation took a violent turn.

“Meanwhile, when I refused to pay him, I clicked his picture with my bag. He came out and slapped me,” Kiran said in his post. “There was a gentleman going (another cab driver) who came and stopped.”

Kiran further added that the Ola support executive with whom he was on call suggested him not to pay the driver. He even asked Kiran not to talk to the driver, which he followed.

“This triggered the driver as he was listening to the call over loudspeaker and again slapped me,” Kiran added.

He also claimed that the complaint that he raised against the driver was closed by the Ola company in less than an hour and till date no action has been taken. Meanwhile, another driver who helped Kiran told him they “no action will be taken” against the Ola driver in question.

“My son was so shocked that night that he cried out loud as soon as we reached home,” he added.

See Kiran’s LinkedIn post here:

The post triggered a discussion among social media users as they termed Kiran’s experience “scary”. A section of the internet also resonated with the incident and shared their unpleasant experiences in the comments section of the post.

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Kiran also posted a video on March 2 as a follow-up to his previous post, praising another cab driver who came to his rescue when he was being harassed by his Ola cab driver.

“Meet the Hero, who stopped the Ola Driver to slap me further (after I was slapped twice)”, read the caption of the video, as he further gave a background to the incident in his latest post.

Watch the video in the post below:

This is unsettling!

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Ashmita Saha

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Mar 2, 2024


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