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NEW DELHI: Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, on Tuesday urged Russians to stage a protest on day against President Vladimir Putin by forming long queues outside polling stations.
“We need to go to the polling station on one day at one time: 17 March at 12:00. What to do next? You can choose. You can vote for any candidate except Putin. You can spoil your ballot. You can write ‘Navalny’ in big letters,” Yulia Navalnaya said in a video on YouTube.
A few weeks ago, Yulia had accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of killing her husband and asserted that she would soon reveal the details.
Yulia and her daughter Dasha Navalnaya also met US President Joe Biden who expressed his appreciation for Alexey Navalny’s courage and his commitment to combating corruption.
Navalny, a nemesis of Russian President Vladimir Putin and fierce Kremlin critic, fell unconscious and died February 16 after a walk at the “Polar Wolf” penal colony in Kharp, about 1,900 km (1,200 miles) northeast of Moscow, where he was serving a three-decade sentence.
The Russian authority said sudden death syndrome was the reason behind Navalny’s demise.
Sudden death syndrome in humans is broadly when a person unexpectedly dies without any apparent cause or warning signs.
Days after Navalny’s death, thousands of Russians gathered in Moscow on March 1 to mourn the death of the opposition politician.
Navalny’s mother and father attended a small funeral in a Moscow church, surrounded by police. Yulia and Dasha skipped the funeral fearing arrest.
A photograph of Navalny’s body in a flower-laden coffin circulated on social media. Inside the church, an Orthodox priest conducted a short service while outside, people chanted Navalny’s name.
After the funeral, some chanted slogans such as “Russia will be free” and “Putin is a murderer.” Navalny’s supporters believe he was murdered, while the Kremlin denies any state involvement.
Navalny’s movement has been outlawed as extremist and his supporters have been labeled as US-backed troublemakers.
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