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BENGALURU: Highlighting demanding nature of motherhood, Karnataka HC in a recent judgment ruled in favour of a woman and her two children, and hiked her maintenance cost.
Justice M Nagaprasanna granted the woman Rs 36,000 per month in maintenance from her husband, a manager in a nationalised bank, instead of Rs 18,000 per month awarded by Anekal family court.
The couple, who got married in 2012, has two sons, aged 11 and 6.As the relationship deteriorated, the wife in 2020 moved family court and filed an application under Section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act, seeking Rs 36,000 per month as interim maintenance.
The family court had in 2023 initially awarded Rs 18,000 per month in interim maintenance.
The wife challenged the order, pointing out that her husband is drawing a monthly salary of Rs 90,000.
The woman said she had requisite qualifications and was working earlier, but her husband insisted she quit her job as a lecturer to take care of the children.
The husband argued that she is qualified and can resume her career and be financially independent instead of depending on maintenance he is expected to pay.
After perusing materials on record and citing SC decision in Shamima Farooqi Vs Shahid Khan and Reema Salkan Vs Sumer Singh Salkan cases, Justice Nagaprasanna said the wife/mother quit her job to take care of the children. “The husband cannot argue that the wife is lazing around, as taking care of the children is a full-time job for a mother.”


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