If there’s one thing Indian’s know how to do, it’s throw the proverbial ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’. With netizens just having witnessed the grand festivities that made up Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding ceremonies; a performance by the legendary Rihanna, followed by a line-up of Bollywood’s best, with billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates in attendance.It truly was a grand spectacle, one likely to be remembered for many years to come. However, it seems like the Ambani’s are not the only ones celebrating a marital union with a grandeur fit for kings.
The daughter of real estate developer Vijay Bharwad, Deepika Bharwad had a magnificent ceremony in January this year, where she married her beau Nayan in a wedding that could rival a princess’. A doctor herself, Deepika left no stone unturned when it came to the scale of celebrations. Her father Vijay Bharwad is the founder of Gokul Developers and a real estate developer himself. He is a prominent face of the Bharwad community and has undertaken several development projects as well as contributed to social causes with his philanthropic deeds. For example in March 2023, he donated over 6 lakh doses of Lumpy Skin Vaccine, which is a disease that affects cattle severely.

Vijay Bharwad and Deepika Bharwad

Vijay Bhai Bharwad is one of the most prominent members of the Bharwad community in Gujarat and often participates in social work. Source: deepikasnayan/Instagram

The wedding was a lavish four-day affair that was the talk of the town in Gujarat’s Surat. It started off with the Lagan Lakhan, followed by the Dayro and Haldi ceremony and then reached its pinnacle with the wedding day. Member of Parliament and President of the BJP Gujarat State unit, CR Patil was also in attendance as the guest of honour. The bride was radiant in the extravagant and elegant outfits that made up her bridal trousseau. The wedding venue was temple-themed, as Vijay Bharwad had several temple-like structures erected for his beloved daughter’s special day. The decor was something out of a movie as the mandap was surrounded by several fountains alongside intricate flower arrangements that adorned the whole venue. With enough lighting to power up the entire city of Surat, it was truly a spectacular wedding. As the bride made her entrance, professional dancers performed to welcome her into newlywed bliss.
The breathtaking visuals had netizens talking. On Instagram, the video that captured the entire wedding received more than 96,000 likes and hundreds of comments.
Look at the video here:

One user commented, “God bless them” while several others made comparisons between this wedding and the recent pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. One user commented, “ Mujhe laga phirse mai Jamnagar aa gaya ” (I thought we were in Jamnagar again) while another commented, “ Lagta hai ab ambani ko next level le ke jana padega competitors badh gaye hai ” (Seems like the Ambani’s have to level up, the competitors are increasing). With Indian weddings getting grander and grander, the normal populace can only wonder at what the next big wedding will look like. What did you think of this ‘Big Fat Gujarati Wedding’?

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