The Manipur Assembly on Thursday unanimously resolved to call upon the central government to abrogate the Suspension of Operations (SoO) pacts with all Kuki-Zo UG group militants.

The decision came after a discussion on the excesses and atrocities committed by Kuki militant groups and insurgents under the SoO agreement, which was followed by another discussion on the prevailing law and order situation in the state, raised by Congress Legislature Party leader O Ibobi.

Various members from both the ruling and opposition parties, including Minister L Susindro, MLAs Thongam Shanti Singh, Karam Shyam, M Rameshwor, and Kh Ibomcha from the ruling party, as well as all opposition MLAs except O Surjakumar, advocated for passing the resolution to abrogate the SoO agreement.

Opposition MLA K Ranjit and ruling MLA Thongam Shanti Singh raised the issue initially as a calling attention motion.

The discussion on the atrocities committed by Kuki militant groups and insurgents under the SoO agreement was later turned into a broader discussion following appeals by members of the House.

The move to expand the discussion was aimed at ensuring that the SoO pacts with the Kuki insurgencies, which ended on Thursday, were not extended.

During the discussion, MLA K Ranjit Singh said that the ongoing crisis in the state is primarily due to the SoO agreements with the Kuki militants. He stated that according to rules, any SoO or peace agreement should be abrogated if the group violates the ground rules.

The MLA alleged that the Kuki militants had violated almost all the ground rules by attacking and killing civilians using sophisticated weapons, engaging in extortions, poppy plantations, and other illegal activities.

He further said that the SoO agreement has also been a factor prompting central forces to not act against the Kuki militants, despite their attacks on peripheral regions being carried out in plain sight.

During the discussion, heated exchanges occurred between opposition and ruling members, including Chief Minister N Biren Singh, with accusations exchanged regarding the alleged failure to control the SoO groups under the previous Congress government and the present BJP government.

The Chief Minister questioned the rationale behind initiating the SoO agreement with Kuki UG groups in 2008, stating that they posed no threat to central or state forces at the time.

He said that the present government had already decided to abrogate the SoO agreement with two Kuki-Zo groups, and a recent meeting of 35 legislators had also resolved to abrogate the SoO agreement with the Kuki-Zo groups. These resolutions had already been forwarded to the central government, he added.

Published By:

Ashutosh Acharya

Published On:

Mar 1, 2024


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