Love is Blind season 6 is nearing its conclusion, and it’s been a wild ride. The show has become one of the most successful of the franchise, thanks to its savvy contestants who seem to know what they’re doing. Well, at least to keep the spice level intact. This has certainly benefited Netflix. As the sixth season, which premiered on February 14th, heads towards its finale, Reddit is buzzing with speculation about which couples will commit and who might have a sudden change of heart.

Love is Blind season 6(Netflix)
Love is Blind season 6(Netflix)

Love is Blind season 6 who are still together

The deciding episode of Love is Blind 6 is scheduled to premiere on March 6. By the end of episode 12, we will know who we are going to meet in the reunion. While five couples left the pods, only three will make it to the aisle. Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills broke off their engagement shortly after moving in together. It seems like mobile phones are injurious to relationships. On the other hand, Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman’s engagement blew off. Should we blame Sarah Ann for this?

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Love is Blind 6 who will say yes

Johnny and Amy

Let’s discuss the ‘power couple’ Johnny and Amy. Even if it upsets Jimmy a bit, Chelsea’s endorsement suggests that we should believe in their bond. Reddit speculates that the duo will give a strong ‘yes’ during the ‘I do’ moment. Why? Because they’ve managed to keep any major conflicts at bay, and their commitment to handling private matters with discretion is genuinely worth appreciation. The only challenge they face is the baby trauma, but it’s clear that they’re navigating it with maturity and grace.

They have fans’ support, “John and Amy are so cute!! Hope nothing goes wrong there I’m rooting so hard for them.”

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AD and Clay

Popular opinion: AD will say ‘No’ because of her partner’s commitment issues and struggles with time management. Less popular opinion: Clay may withdraw due to his fears. Some speculate that the couple won’t tie the knot due to an off-camera agreement not to marry but will continue dating. Clay has also displayed signs of hesitancy towards marriage. He often mentions being affected by his father’s infidelity and his desire to avoid repeating those mistakes, yet he’s unsure if he’s capable of doing so.

Users are confused about this couple’s status, “Ad and clay im very unsure about if they say yes or no. could see them saying no at the altar, but trying to make thing work. I think they need more time to get to know each other.”

Chelsea and Jimmy

Now, let’s focus on the most buzzworthy couple of Love is Blind 6. From Chelsea’s red flags to Jimmy and Jess trending heavily, there’s been a lot of drama between them. They’re still debating whether there’s any resemblance to Meghan Fox. According to Reddit, the couple will say “I do,” but will end up divorcing in just 2 days. Why? Because they constantly bicker over trivial matters. Some believe Chelsea is too clingy and insecure, while others argue that Jimmy still has feelings for Jess.

A user wrote, “Is Jimmy lying to Chelsea? Bc he turns around (in the preview) and tells Jess she’s still his #1. In that case is she nuts for just knowing he’s lying? I mean she’s over the top insecure but maybe she just knows he’s playing a role and it’s all a lie. I can’t believe he would tell Jess that on camera and out himself as a total liar.”

“Jimmy and Chelsea, just break up already. I dont think Chelsea is ready to get married” another said.


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