Actor Lee Jae Wook, known widely for his stellar performance in Alchemy of Souls, is reportedly set to establish his own agency. In recent months, numerous K-drama actors and K-pop idols have been venturing into entrepreneurship, and it appears that the Impossible Heir star has now joined the trend. This development comes shortly after his relationship with aespa’s Karina was revealed, following his confirmation of their romantic involvement.

Lee Jae Wook to launch One-Man agency after leaving C-Jes: Report(Pic credit- X)
Lee Jae Wook to launch One-Man agency after leaving C-Jes: Report(Pic credit- X)

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Lee Jae Wook to launch own agency

On February 29, South Korean media outlet SPOTV reported that the 25-year-old is looking forward to establishing his own One Man Company after his contract with C-Jes expires shortly. C-Jes studio, home to celebrities such as Choi Min Shik, Ra Mi Ran, Ryu Jun Yeo, Moon So Ri, had Lee Jae Wook for three years; however, the contract is set to expire in April. Since joining the studio, the Extraordinary You actor has become a household name. As the rumor gained traction, his current agency responded with a brief statement.

C-Jes reponds to Lee Jae Wook leaving the agency

In response to the rumors, C-Jes released a brief statement addressing the issue. The company confirmed that the actors is still under the contract. Additionally, they commented that since there is still some time left, they would refrain from commenting on his future status. Lee Jae Wook has been represented by C-JeS Studios for the past three years, having joined the agency in April 2021.

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Lee Jae Wook and aespa’s Karina relationship

The actor known for his role in The Death’s Game recently made headlines by confirming his relationship with Karina, a member of the K-pop group aespa. According to reports, their romance blossomed after they first met at an overseas fashion event, and their connection continued to grow as they spent time together in Seoul. Although both of their agencies initially needed some time to understand the situation, they eventually confirmed that the couple is indeed exploring their relationship and getting to know each other better.


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