Medal winners in all Khelo India competitions will now be eligible for government jobs as per a revised criteria, Sports Minister Anurag Thakur said on Wednesday.

Thakur said the move is in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ”vision of a robust sports ecosystem, nurturing talent at grassroots level and turning sports into a lucrative and viable career option.”

He said the department of personnel and training, in consultation with the sports ministry, has made ”progressive revisions to the eligibility criteria for sportspersons seeking government jobs.”

”This groundbreaking step now extends eligibility to medal winners from the Khelo India Games — Youth, University, Para and Winter Games — to be eligible for government jobs. Additionally, games and events have been clearly defined to ensure inclusivity across various sports,” Thakur said in his post on X.

”These revised rules mark a significant stride in supporting our athletes in making Bharat a sporting superpower,” he added.

Khelo India Games

The Khelo India Games, a cornerstone of India’s initiative to bolster sports at the grassroots level, have emerged as a pivotal platform for nurturing young talent across the nation. Launched with the inaugural event in 2018, these games have rapidly evolved into an annual national spectacle, eagerly anticipated by budding athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. The essence of the Khelo India initiative, encapsulated by its motto ‘Let’s Play India’, is to revive and foster a robust sporting culture within the country, laying a solid foundation for the emergence of future champions on the global stage.

Spanning across multiple disciplines, the Khelo India Youth Games offer a vibrant arena for under-17 school students and under-21 college students to showcase their prowess, compete with their peers, and gain national recognition. With an annual scholarship of ?5 lakh awarded to the best 1,000 participants for eight years, the program aims to prepare these young athletes for international competitions, ensuring they receive the support and training necessary to excel.

Beyond the competitive spirit and pursuit of excellence, the Khelo India Games play a significant role in promoting physical fitness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the youth, and instilling values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. The inclusion of traditional Indian sports further enriches the cultural tapestry of the games, celebrating the diverse heritage of Indian sportsmanship. As the games continue to grow, they not only spotlight emerging talent but also contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the host regions, making the Khelo India Games a beacon of hope and progress in the Indian sports ecosystem.

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Kingshuk Kusari

Published On:

Mar 6, 2024


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