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Significant reforms have successfully made India an outlier of development and hope in a world ridden with global turmoil, said India’s Sherpa G20, Amitabh Kant.
In a discussion with Times Internet vice chairman Satyan Gajwani and Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry, Kant spoke about India’s unique and transformational approach in digitising a country of 1.4 billion people.He also delved into the specifics of how adoption of technology on a large scale transformed banking in India, leading to the country executing 128 billion fast payments in 2023, the highest in the world.

“India has made a phenomenal technological leap, and this throws up enormous opportunities for people like Jay because cybersecurity is going to be the next big thing in India,” Kant said.

Speaking on India’s digital infrastructure, Gajwani said, “Today is a representation of India’s strength at the global level. India has been very receptive to technological innovation and enablement of bots. In other markets we see a lot more conservatism about new technology.”
Dwelling on what sets India apart, Chaudhry said, “India is bringing some of the best brains together to put these key stacks in place, but govt doesn’t run everything. The private sector gets involved and it sets standards, which is wonderful.”
The discussion was part of #TheIndiaDialog 2024, hosted by Stanford University on Feb 29-March 1, focused on fortifying Indo-Pacific ties.
Kant also spoke on India’s G20 achievements in finding consensus on issues like Russia’s war in Ukraine, climate change and debt sustainability. He mentioned the challenges India encounters in terms of manufacturing output and agricultural productivity, but said he firmly believes that they present an opportunity for the country to leverage its strengths – a burgeoning young population, a strong focus on technology, and commitment to clean energy – to carve its niche in the new world.
Earlier, in his opening remarks for #TheIndiaDialog 2024, India’s consul-general K Srikar Reddy introduced its theme: ‘The Elephant Moves: India’s New Place in the World’. He emphasised the significance of the event, especially given the upcoming general elections in India.


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