The American rock comedy duo is back at it again! Tenacious D, aka the maverick fusion of the talents of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, jumped in to brew their own version of a hit Britney Spears song from the ’90s that never goes out of style – …Baby One More Time.

Tenacious D - Jack Black and Kyle Gass - temporarily adopted the Tenacious B moniker on covering Britney Spears' hit song. (Instagram )
Tenacious D – Jack Black and Kyle Gass – temporarily adopted the Tenacious B moniker on covering Britney Spears’ hit song. (Instagram )

Jack Black has previously flaunted his innate blockbuster combo package of acting, comic timing, and musical finesse in the 2003 film School of Rock. While his fans are still waiting for his second round-trip as a music teacher, they’ve been granted the gift of the upcoming premiere of the fourth Kung Fu Panda movie, releasing on March 8, 2024.

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The 54-year-old actor has stayed loyal to his musical roots over time and shared numerous live performance snippets. But his latest tease has taken the cake, as netizens have been served a rocking tune that they never knew they needed. His 63-year-old rock partner-in-crime, Gass, accompanies him as a backup dancer while Jack himself lip-syncs to his recording of the song. It positively highlights the fact that he already has the cover saved. Could the brand-new Kung Fu Panda movie unleash the pawsome collaboration of Po’s furry fury with Britney Spears’ popular dance hit?

Witness the glorious Jack Black Britney Spears cover

Several social media platforms on the internet – TikTok, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) – are replete with electrifying fan reactions as viewers can’t have enough of Jack Black’s epic music comeback. It’s only left them begging for more. Hopefully, the comments under his original Instagram post will be enough to draw in a full Jack Black cover album.

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Reactions to Jack Black’s Baby One More Time cover

Some Instagram users couldn’t find enough words to express their excitement, so they took to worshipping Jack for his signature quirky identity: “He is more than a man… He’s a shiny golden god.”

A few X users were having a blast on the other side of the internet, celebrating the actor’s one-of-a-kind personality as they spotted him slaying the music cover in his phoenix T-shirt. On the flip side, the new tease has also got people wondering if a new Tenacious D album is in the working; if not, they have their request boards up: “Not going to lie…a Tenacious D cover album of 90’s pop songs would go hard.”

Another Instagram user took the more nostalgic route and praised the rock duo for making everything better: “Is there any song that the Tenacious can’t make 100x better?” However, most of the comments leaned towards their urging requests for the full version of the cover. Some commonly shared sentiments were: “I demand a full Tenacious D album of Britney Spears covers”, “Best version of the song”, “Cover album please”, and “WHERE IS THE FULL SONG????”

On the other hand, Twitterati couldn’t stop praising Black and Gass for always putting their full-on nerdy style on display for the world. “Jack black and Kyle gass are the end game bosses of nerds and im all for it!!!”, came one quote tweet on X; another echoed the same thought, “I need this Tenacious D cover of Britney Spears injected into my veins 🤣…..I love these nerds!”

And a TikTok comment took the lead in all this by harping precisely what the majority is hoping for: “I would love an album that’s just jack black covering early 2000s white girl music”.

One can only hope for this Jack Black cover album to drop in the future. But with the loveable artist having dropped a Kung Fu Panda 4 easter egg in his latest post’s caption, that tiny panda emoji has got us imagining Po belting this song mid-battle — a sight to behold.


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