Coffee, the world’s favourite beverage, has long been a popular companion for its energising properties, whether enjoyed as a midday pick-me-up or a morning boost. Celebrated for its wonderfully bitter notes, this aromatic elixir comes in a variety of flavours, including espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, Irish coffee, traditional Americano and more. The quest to identify the finest coffee on the planet has sparked endless debate among connoisseurs. TasteAtlas, a well-known food and travel reference company, has produced a definitive guide to the best coffee in the world. They have recently released their carefully compiled list of the ‘Top 38 Coffees In The World’, providing coffee lovers with an unrivalled exploration of the finest brews from around the world. (Also read: 5 unique coffee preparation techniques that you must know )

According to TasteAtlas, Indian filter coffee is the second best-rated coffee in the world.(Pinterest )
According to TasteAtlas, Indian filter coffee is the second best-rated coffee in the world.(Pinterest )

Best coffees in the world

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Check out the list of top 10 coffees in the world, as ranked by TasteAtlas:

1. Cuban Espresso, Cuba

2. South Indian Coffee, India

3. Espresso Freddo, Greece

4. Freddo cappuccino, Greece

5. Cappuccino, Italy

6. Turkish Coffee, Turkiye

7. Ristretto (Italy)

8. Frappe (Greece)

9. Eiskaffee (Germany)

10. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Vietnam)

The top drink on the list is ‘Cuban Espresso’, which is an espresso shot sweetened with sugar and dark roast coffee. The sugar is added while the coffee is brewing. Espresso is made using an electric espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker. The method of preparation also leaves a pale brown foam on top of the coffee. In second place is the South Indian favourite, Faviuyrite filter coffee. This is made with an easy-to-use yet efficient Indian filter coffee maker. This stainless steel machine has two chambers: the lower chamber drips the brewed coffee, while the upper chamber holds the ground coffee thanks to a perforated base. This method of making coffee is very popular in southern India.

To have freshly brewed coffee ready in the morning, many people set the filter overnight. Sugar and warm milk are added to this mixture. This coffee is served with a small saucer called a “dabara”, which resembles a bowl, and in a small steel or brass cup. It is customary to transfer the coffee from one cup to another before serving in order to create foam. If you haven’t yet tasted this delicious coffee, now is the perfect time to indulge in this ultimate filter coffee delight.


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