The spotlight at Milan Fashion Week 2024 shone brightly on innovation and creativity, with designers from around the world presenting their most stunning creations. Among them, Indian designer Sanjukta Dutta, hailing from Assam, introduced her latest collection, ‘KOHUA – KOMAL,’ seamlessly blending traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary flair.


Drawing inspiration from the resplendent allure of Assam’s silk, Sanjukta Dutta’s collection mesmerized attendees with its meticulous craftsmanship, which took nearly 25 days to complete.From the classic Mekhela Chador to intricately structured sarees, her designs showcased a timeless fusion of Indian heritage and modern charm.
Sanjukta Dutta’s mastery of sartorial artistry goes beyond mere clothing, embodying a fusion of classical Indian aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. Each ensemble, crafted with painstaking attention to detail, narrates tales of tradition woven into every thread.
From the iconic Mekhela Chador to the structured elegance of saris, from flowing gowns to gracefully draped skirts and Indo-Western Lehengas, her collection exudes femininity and grace, captivating women from diverse backgrounds.
Speaking to ANI, Sanjukta Dutta expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to showcase Assam’s handloom heritage on the prestigious platform of Milan Fashion Week. She emphasized her mission to inspire self-discovery through fashion, ensuring the enduring legacy of Indian craftsmanship shines across the globe.


T Ajungla Jamir, enthralled by the showcase, extended her heartfelt appreciation for the invitation to witness the spectacular event. She praised the show’s success and the elegance of the models’ attire, expressing pride in Assam’s representation on the global stage of fashion.

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As another chapter of sartorial excellence unfolds, Sanjukta Dutta’s legacy continues to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape. Her creations illuminate paths of self-expression and cultural celebration, affirming the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship on the world stage.


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