FX Shogun premiere on February 27 kicked off a worthy TV event by transporting us all back in time to feudal Japan. John Wick: Chapter 4 star Hiroyuki Sanada, a veteran martial artist who has made major contributions to samurai stories over the years, is back as the historical drama’s leading man. Set in the 17th century and based on John Clavell’s novel, this series has opened the doors to yet another ambitious rivalry and mysterious warriors in the midst.

Hiroyuki Sanada in Shogun.(Instagram / fxnetworks)
Hiroyuki Sanada in Shogun.(Instagram / fxnetworks)

With its two-episode premiere opening the discussion on one of the most anticipated TV projects of the year, viewers have already hailed it “phenomenal” and “a masterpiece”. Another Shogun review by a Twitterati even went as far as to proclaim the FX series doing its bit to restore “the feeling of Golden Age TV”. Blending an ambitious mix of authentic Japanese culture, action, cultural politics, and whatnot, the Shogun’s upcoming episode release dates are already being eyed. Here’s what we know about the next episodes:

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Shogun Episode 3 release date

Despite its debut, FX will not follow through with two-episode releases each week. The next episode, i.e., the third, will drop on FX on March 5, 2024. Titled ‘Tomorrow Is Tomorrow’, this entry is slated to hit OTT platforms, Hulu and Disney+, at 12 am ET, followed by its FX cable premiere at 10 pm ET.

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Other time zones can follow the corresponding timings:

Pacific Time: March 4 at 9 pm

Central Time: March 4 at 11 pm

Eastern Time: March 5 at 12 am

Mountain Time: March 4 at 4 pm

Alaska Standard Time: March 4 at 8 pm

Greenwich Mean Time: March 5 at 5 am

Indian Standard Time: March 5 at 10:30 am

Shogun is equally doing well on the critical radar, too, as it has officially ‘Certified Fresh’ at 100% on the Tomatometer of Rotten Tomatoes, with 35 reviews.

What to expect from Shogun Episode 3

With the epic saga’s eye set on a time of war, the next installment will directly take us to the heart of preparations for the same. This, in turn, will introduce more political drama as significant individuals settle into their new roles and pick their alliances while betrayals emerge on the other side.

The preview of the third episode also establishes John as an indispensable advisor to Toranga. On the other hand, he will call other feudal lords to attention as he pursues partnership with them.


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