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Emraan Hashmi recently weighed in on Kangana Ranaut‘s assertions regarding nepotism in Bollywood. The actor not only commended Kangana but also reminisced about their collaboration in the film ‘Gangster.’
In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, Emraan addressed the industry’s perception post-pandemic, acknowledging the prevailing negativity triggered by events like the Sushant Singh Rajput incident and the subsequent ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend.He noted a sense of resentment towards the entertainment sector during these times.

Sharing his perspective on the debate sparked by Kangana Ranaut about nepotism in Bollywood, Emraan expressed his admiration for Kangana both personally and professionally. He acknowledged that while Kangana might have faced challenges in the industry, his own experience working with her in ‘Gangster’ was positive. Despite being in a successful phase in his career at the time, Emraan opted for a villainous role in the film, allowing Kangana to take the lead. He emphasized that such experiences contradict the prevailing perception of the industry and dismissed notions that Bollywood solely operates through nepotism or is plagued by drug-related issues as baseless and misleading.

Emraan Hashmi, Shriya Saran, Mahima Makwana get candid on Showtime, Nepotism & more

In 2016, Kangana Ranaut famously referred to director-producer Karan Johar as the ‘flagbearer of nepotism’ and ‘movie mafia,’ alleging that he had made her professional journey challenging. This incident occurred during an episode of Koffee With Karan. Now, nearly eight years later, a web series titled Showtime has been produced, centering around the theme of nepotism in the entertainment industry.


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