Ever since Elon Musk acquired X (earlier called Twitter) in 2022, the platform has gone through radical changes. From being rebranded to X, allowing longer tweets and video uploads, enabling job-search and a lot more, X is on its way of becoming the ‘everything app’ that Musk has dreamed about for a long time. In a recent development, it looks like Musk is now keen on helping users to get more reach on their accounts. And no, we are not talking about another paid feature, but a change that can actually benefit every X user.

In a tweet, Musk shared how X’s algorithm will go through a change and that the platform will ensure that your pinned posts will be seen by all of your followers.

X to go through an algorithm change

Announcing the update, Elon Musk wrote, “A change is coming to our recommendation algorithm that will ensure that all your followers see your pinned posts. This only applies to one pinned post every 48 hours to prevent gaming of the system.”

As of now, only a portion of your followers get to see your posts. However, if what Musk is saying actually happens, it will guarantee that all of your followers will get to see atleast one post from your account. This could help in boosting your account’s reach.

Recent updates about X

Meanwhile, Musk announced recently how X is turning into a job-search platform as well. Over a million job postings have already been posted on X across various industries, a post by X Hiring said. Elon Musk reshared the post on the platform.

The post by X Hiring read, “Over 1 million job postings are now live on X! Looking for a new gig? Make your next career move using X Hiring.”

On a related note, X also allowed users without a premium subscription to make audio and video calls. Earlier, this feature was only limited to Premium subscribers.

X had introduced audio and video calling for iOS users last year, initially offering it as a premium feature before opening it up to a broader audience.Earlier this year, the feature of making calls was made available for Android users. However, it remained limited to premium subscribers.

Elon Musk had hinted earlier at a wider release by the end of January, emphasising the company’s dedication to ensuring the feature’s reliability before making it available to all users. But there’s more to it. Along with granting all users the ability to make audio and video calls, X has introduced a new feature—allowing users to customise how they receive calls within the app. Users on X can now tailor their settings, opting to receive calls solely from people they follow or opening up to calls from anyone on the platform.

Published By:

Divyanshi Sharma

Published On:

Feb 29, 2024


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