Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the AAP’s Lok Sabha election campaign with the slogan “Sansad mein bhi Kejriwal, toh Dilli hogi aur khush haal” (Delhi will be more prosperous with Kejriwal in Parliament) on Friday.

The AAP supremo campaigned for all INDIA bloc candidates and asked the citizens of Delhi “not to leave him alone” in his fight. Kejriwal said he is fighting alone as a “son” of Delhi against the BJP, Lt Governor VK Saxena and the central government.

Addressing a public gathering in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Today, I’m alone in this fight, in my fight against the L-G, the BJP, the seven MPs, against the central government. You call me your son, but if I am truly your son, then you cannot leave me alone in this fight. Today, I am appealing to all of you, the people of Delhi, to boost your son’s strength.”

AAP and Congress agreed to share the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. AAP will field candidates from four seats while the Congress will contest from three.

AAP has already announced the four candidates, while the Congress’s first list, which came on Friday, skipped Delhi altogether.

While appealing to the voters, Arvind Kejriwal said if the INDIA bloc candidates get elected for the Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, they will “strengthen” him in his fight.

“These seven MPs will work as my seven big hands. Next time the L-G stops our work, these seven MPs will get the work done. If the central government tries to stop our work next time, the seven MPs will work to clear the hurdles…Next time your rights are snatched, these seven MPs will raise your voice in Parliament,” said the AAP chief.

He also criticised the current MPs who are all from the BJP for not raising the concerns of the people of Delhi in Parliament.

Unlike in 2019 when the party campaigned for the Lok Sabha elections on the issue of granting Delhi statehood, this time the AAP is focusing on localised issues in the national capital.

It launched a leaflet which mentioned the issues faced by the Delhi government while launching several flagship schemes. Kejriwal alleged that the BJP-led Centre, through the Lt Governor, stalls every project launched by the AAP government.

He said the leaflet would be distributed to every household in Delhi by AAP workers.

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Mar 9, 2024

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