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Soon after Google Gemini was criticised for generating ‘historically inaccurate’ images, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai dubbed the Gemini’s image generation “completely unacceptable”. Now, the company co-founder has spoken his mind saying that the AI chatbot “definitely messed up”.
Speaking at San Francisco’s AGI House recently, Brin said the company had “definitely messed up on image generation.”
“I wasn’t really expecting to talk about this today.We definitely messed up on the image generation, and I think it was mostly due to, just like, not thorough testing,” he said at the “Gemini 1.5 Hackathon” while addressing concerns about the AI’s biases.
Brin and co-founder Larry Page have reportedly been more active at the company since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in 2022.

Google Gemini ‘troubles’
Google paused Gemini’s image-generating feature last month after social media users complained it was creating ‘wrong’ images. The chatbot included people of colour while depicting Nazis and the US Founding Fathers.
Not only that, Google Gemini has also been facing criticism for returning inaccurate written responses. It was recently reported that Gemini returned ‘biased’ answers to questions related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
It was reported that the AI chatbot did not provide a clear answer when a similar question was posed about former US president Donald Trump and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar dubbed “the episode of Google Gemini” as “very embarrassing” and said that the government considers this a violation of IT laws.
Google responded by saying that it worked quickly to address the issue. The company noted that Its AI chatbot “may not always be reliable” in responding to certain prompts related to current events and political topics.


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