The weekend is upon us and if you are wondering how to elevate your interior decor with the power of architecture and interior design to amp up the romance with your partner at home, you have come to the right place. Read on as we got some experts on board to share their insights on crafting love through design, exploring trends, colour palettes and unique ideas to create a truly unforgettable experience!

Crafting love through thoughtful design: Interior decor tips for romantic atmosphere at home (Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels)
Crafting love through thoughtful design: Interior decor tips for romantic atmosphere at home (Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels)

  • Setting the Scene with Elegance

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Abhishek Chadha and Aashita Chadha, Founders of The KariGhars in Bangalore, suggested to opt for a blend of nostalgia and innovation with ‘subtlety and elegance, not the cliches.’ They recommended using intimate candlelit dinners adorned with intricate floral arrangements, where the soft glow of bulbs casts a mesmerizing spell. One can also consider using natural materials like reclaimed wood and stone, cosy textiles such as wool and fur and warm, earthy hues for a space that feels inviting and intimate. “Why not also draw inspiration from diverse cultures worldwide to craft a global fusion of love? Make it more special by creating a space that embraces the universal language of love in all its richness and diversity by incorporating elements from different cultures. Afterall, a new beauty lies in repurposing elements to create fresh memories,” they said.

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Ar Nikita Bajaj Pathak and Ar Gaurav Pathak, Founders of Design21 in Gurgaon, emphasised the importance of embracing all senses when creating a romantic atmosphere. They suggested a curated colour palette that intertwines multiple shades of bright, muted, soft and bold to evoke a luxurious and intimate ambiance that goes beyond the visual. Textures play a crucial role hence, make sure to introduce plush fabrics like velvet and silk. “The scent becomes an integral part of the experience, with aromatic candles or diffusers filling the air with calming and sensual fragrances”, added Nikita and Gaurav.

Hardesh Chawla, Principal of Essentia Environments in Delhi, asserted upon weaving nature’s beauty and suggested using organic materials like wood, wicker and bamboo to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Incorporating lush greenery through plants and floral arrangements adds a touch of life and freshness. Lighting plays a crucial role, with warm, diffused light creating a cosy and intimate ambiance. He recommended, “Using candles made from natural beeswax adds a touch of eco-consciousness and a subtle honeyed fragrance.”

Whether you embrace a vibrant gathering or an intimate dinner, these expert insights offer a glimpse into the world of crafting love through design. However, remember that the most important ingredient is authenticity so, make sure to let your personal style and love story shine through, creating an experience that is truly as unique as your story!


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