Screenshot of YRF Casting App

Screenshot of YRF Casting App

Yash Raj Films (YRF), the renowned Indian production house behind blockbuster movies like “Pathaan” and “Tiger 3,” has introduced the YRF Casting app, a social media platform tailored for acting aspirants.

What is the YRF Casting app?

The YRF Casting app will provide aspiring actors with easy access to information regarding casting calls for YRF’s films and series. It can be accessed by talent across the world, keeping them informed about casting calls and even allowing them to submit their auditions directly through the platform.

How to use the YRF Casting app?

Users can download the app from Google Play Store to their smartphones. Aspiring actors must register using their email address or sign up using WhatsApp.

Users must fill out their profile details, including links to their social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook). They also have the option to include links to their X (formerly Twitter) account, YouTube channel, and IMDb.

Additionally, actors must upload a cover photo, profile image, and intro video.

What is the purpose of the YRF Casting app?

The app allows actors to submit auditions seamlessly. It serves as a dedicated platform for actors to audition for theatrical films and streaming projects greenlit by YRF, without any application fees.

This initiative also aims to combat the proliferation of fake YRF casting accounts that have been misleading individuals about auditions, safeguarding the studio’s reputation in the market, according to a report by Variety. It also eliminates the risk of falling for fraudulent casting calls.

Who oversees the casting calls facilitated through the app?

Shanoo Sharma, who is responsible for talent selection and grooming at YRF, will oversee all auditions conducted through the app. With an impressive track record of casting for YRF’s major hits, Sharma believes that the YRF Casting App marks a significant stride towards providing aspiring actors with direct access to the studio.

Describing the app as a “progressive step,” Sharma expressed excitement about discovering talented individuals worldwide. She emphasised that the YRF Casting App provides a safe space for aspiring actors to pursue their dreams without relying on intermediaries.

Where can you download the app?

The YRF Casting App is now available for download on Google Play Store. The app is free of charge and does not include any application fees for actors submitting their audition videos.

First Published: Mar 01 2024 | 3:19 PM IST


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