Manchester United’s Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana has reflected on his poor start at his new club and has also expressed that he is now much better settled in the Premier League.

Onana was under heavy criticism for making several errors in goal, which was considered to be a factor for United’s exit from the UEFA Champions League.

Since his arrival at Manchester United from Inter Milan in 2023, Onana has often faced backlash for his performance, with fans blaming the player for falling way below the standards set by former United goalkeeper and crowd-favourite David de Gea.

The Cameroonian believes that his poor form stems from his struggles to adjust to the English football environment.

“It took me six months or seven months not to play good just to feel good. It was a difficult time for me. Now I’m feeling a bit better. Everything was new, it was difficult for me to feel at home because of so many reasons. Now I’m feeling good. For me, the most important thing is to be set, to be happy and I will shine,” Onana said.

The player believes that after many months of struggle, he has a much better grip on English football and that his performance will only get back to his usual self. Onana has been considerably impressive in United’s last few fixtures.

Onana has conceded 36 goals in his 26 Premier League appearances for United and 15 in his 6 UEFA Champions League appearances. Despite his lacklustre form, United manager Erik ten Hag has continued to stretch his faith on Onana, which has even brought fire on the Dutch manager from fans and pundits alike.

Big lesson for me: Onana on UCL exit

Onana’s form with Inter Milan saw his side advance to the 2022-2023 UCL final, where they ultimately lost to Manchester City. However, his brilliance earned him a transfer call from his former Ajax manager.

“I don’t think so but it was just moments, sometimes you are faced with a difficult situation. I had a difficult six or seven months just feeling good, not playing good because I didn’t think I started to play good. So, it was just something strange…Playing in the final of the Champions League [the season before] and being knocked out in the first stage a few months laterâ€æ it was a big lesson for me,” Onana added.

Onana finds himself in front of another big test as his side will next face Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday, March 3, where the United side will depend hugely on his goalkeeping abilities.

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Debodinna Chakraborty

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Mar 2, 2024


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