Andhra Man Drags Mother By Hair, Slaps Father Over Land Given To Brother

Police have now detained the man for assaulting his parents.

A man was seen mercilessly beating up his parents over a property dispute in disturbing footage from Andhra Pradesh. He drags his mother by her hair, repeatedly slaps her as she cries and pleads with him to stop. In one frame, the son can be seen kicking her so hard that she falls to the ground, yet he continues his assault.

As his mother lay on the ground wailing, he turns to his father and slaps him. A little girl was seen standing next to the man, witnessing the scene.

Some bystanders were also seen in the video, none of whom came forward to help the couple.

A case has been registered, and the man – identified as Srinivasulu Reddy – has been detained over the incident that occurred in the Annamayya district on Saturday.

Srinivasulu was reportedly dissatisfied about a three-acre land given to his elder brother, Manohar Reddy, and wanted his parents – Lakshmamma and Venkatramana – to change that. The couple told police even after they agreed to sign wherever he asked, he continued to assault them.

Local police inspector Yuvaraju said, “Anyone ill-treating their parents is liable for punishment. Parents and elders must report any such incident.”


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