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Chunky Panday’s brother Chikki Panday and Deanne Panday’s daughter Alanna Panday is expecting her first child with husband Ivor McCray. After revealing the news on Instagram, she has now posted a video on her YouTube channel. Titled ‘Family Reacts to Pregnancy,’ the video is nearly 20 minutes long.
The video captured the moment when Alanna shared the news with her family, including Uncle Chunky Panday, Aunt Bhavna Pandey, and cousins Ananya Panday and Rysa Panday.It also offered a glimpse of Ivor sharing the joyful news with his family. In the clip, she made a video call to her cousin Ahaan Panday and expressed her desire to share something special with everyone.
Reacting to Alanna’s pregnancy news, Ananya said, “If she’s pregnant, I’ll be shocked. Stop it, Alanna. (Taking the phone from Ahan) Alanna, stop. This can’t be true.” As Alanna held her sonogram film close to the camera, Ananya gasped. She then exclaimed, “Oh my God. Is it a boy or a girl? How big is it? How many months has it been? Show the photo. Oh my God, I can’t believe it. This child is going to be so adorable.”
Later, in another conversation with Alanna, Ananya remarked, “Can I cut the umbilical cord? You know, Kourtney Kardashian pulled out her own baby; you should do that.” Alanna chuckled and responded that Ananya would likely faint before cutting the cord. She also mentioned that it is typically done by the child’s father.
Ivor playfully teased Ananya, suggesting they might consider a home birth. A surprised Ananya inquired if they were considering a water birth, but Alanna clarified that she intended to give birth to the baby in the hospital.
For the unversed, Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray got married in a grand wedding on March 16, 2023, in Mumbai with several stars in attendance. Recently, Alanna posted a video from her nature-themed maternity shoot while sharing her happiness. Sharing the video, Alanna wrote, “We love you so much already, we can’t wait to meet you (wings emoji).”

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