NEW DELHI: The funeral service and burial of Russian leader Alexie Navalny will take place on March 1 in Moscow after a search for a hall to allow his supporters to bid farewell to him failed.
According to his spokesperson, the funeral will be held at Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow’s southeast Maryino district on Friday afternoon. The spokesperson also urged Navalny’s supporters to get to the funeral service early.
Russia’s opposition leader and Putin’s harshest critic Alexei Navalny died on February 16 in a remote Arctic penal colony. Navalny’s allies have accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of him having murdered because the Russian leader could not tolerate the thought of Navalny’s being freed in a potential prisoner swap.
Navalny’s death certificate, according to supporters, said he died of natural causes.
Meanwhile the Kremlin, which saw Navalny and his supporters as CIA agents, has denied the state’s involvement in his death and said that it is unaware of any agreement to free Navalny prior to his death.
Earlier, Navalny’s mother had accused the authorities of trying to blackmail her into holding a private funeral for her son by initially withholding his body.


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