Some 20 Indians are trapped in Russia, says the MEA

New Delhi:

At least 20 Indians who are trapped in Russia have contacted the Indian authorities, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said today.

India is trying its best to bring back the Indians and are in touch with Russian authorities, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal told reporters today.

The Centre on February 23 had acknowledged that some Indians are entangled in Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine, stating that the government is coordinating with its Russian counterpart to facilitate their release.

Reports had emerged that dozens of Indians were allegedly duped into military service in Russia.

The unsuspecting Indians were promised support jobs, but were ultimately enlisted in the Russian army, receiving misleading translations of documents and undergoing military training against their initial understanding.

Among those who were duped into fighting for Russia is a man from Jammu and Kashmir, whose distraught family is waiting for his return.

A job agent had lured Azad Yousf Kumar and he ended up on the Ukraine border. The family said the 31-year-old was forced to fight the war and appealed to the government to intervene and help get their son back.

“We request the government of India for his safe return and to reach back his home safely. All Indian children should return safely,” Asad Yousf’s cousin said.

A skilled labourer in digging tube wells, Kumar is a resident of Poshwan in Pulwama district. He is among the two Kashmiris who were duped into fighting for Russia in December last year. Days after getting “enlisted” in the Russian military, he suffered a gunshot wound in his foot.

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