NEW DELHI: The ministry of external affairs (MEA) on Thursday revealed that there are still 20 Indians stranded in Russia, and the government is making efforts to bring them back from the conflict zone.
The MEA said that the government was in contact with both Indian and Russian authorities.
Several Indians went to Russia on the pretext of getting good jobs but were forced to fight the war with Ukraine.One such individual is Mohammad Sufiyan from Hyderabad, who was allegedly deceived by agents and forced to join the Russian army. Sufiyan’s family called on the central government and the MEA to safely evacuate the trapped youths and take strict action against the agents involved.
“We have an understanding that 20-odd people are stuck. We are trying our level best for their early discharge. We have issued two statements which you saw,” MEA apokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said while addressing a media briefing.
“We’ve also told people not to venture into the war zone or get caught into situations which are difficult. It. We are in regular touch with Russian authorities both here in New Delhi and also in Moscow,” he added.
Earlier this month, the MEA issued a warning to Indian citizens regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, following reports of Indian nationals being recruited for support roles in the Russian army. The MEA urged caution and advised Indians to steer clear of the conflict zone.
“Each and every such case brought to the attention of the Indian Embassy in Moscow has been strongly taken up with the Russian authorities and those brought to the attention of the Ministry have been taken up with the Russian Embassy in New Delhi. Several Indians have already been discharged as a result. We remain committed, as a matter of top priority, to actively pursuing with the Russian authorities all the relevant cases of Indian nationals for an early discharge from the Russian army,” MEA had said in its statement.


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